P04 Art, spatial experimentation and knowledge production


Geographical research over the last decade has seen an upsurge in interest in arts. The critical potential of arts as tools for knowledge production is increasingly taken into account in scientific debates. This session aims at considering the spatial experimentations implemented in geographical research that deals with arts and challenges classical methodologies by means of arts. What can geographers learn from the integration of arts into their research protocols and how to work with arts within scientific research? What kind of critical knowledge can be produced through artistic spatial experiments and geographical artistic performances?
This session welcomes papers that critically attend to two major issues that reflect broader concerns about the place and role of arts in scientific, social and political debates:

  • Spatialities of artistic spatial experiments: What socio-spatial contexts of implementation can be identified considering artistic spatial experiments; How does artistic spatial experiment contribute to transform social spaces and places, in terms of embodiment, time-space perception, social and political engagement?
  • Knowledge production and the integration of arts: How are the different actors – researchers, artists, targeted people and groups etc. – involved in the processes of spatial knowledge production? What are the ethical and deontological stakes of such experiments? Can art destabilize classical methodologies in geography and help frame new (in-) disciplinary challenges?
Room H
Wednesday, 2 September 2015
Jaroslav Biolek
Masaryk university
Czech Republic
jaroslavbiolek [at]
Dorián Baka
Eötvös Loránd University
keltafella [at]
János Egyedi

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