P03 Applied urban climate and bioclimate

With the increase of urbanization, a significant factor playing an important role in global warming, the scientific community has been required to provide solutions addressing the negative impact of climate and the general atmospheric environment on cities, along with the improvement of these conditions for humans. The urban heat island affects not only quality of life, but in many cases also affects morbidity and mortality. Urban planning plays a very important role in this, and various studies have shown the importance of taking into account human thermal sensation in order to mitigate the negative consequences of urbanization and strengthen the resilience of the society. This session focuses on the measurement/modelling of thermal load patterns and human thermal sensation within urban agglomerations emphasizing the application possibilities. The presentations should deal with different scales and climatic contexts, all with the common theme of identifying the effect of different urban configurations on humans’ health and well-being.

Room I
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
  1. Daniela Arsenovic*, Branislav S Djurdjev: Changes in seasonal pattern of mortality and its relation with temperature: result for urban area of Novi Sad
  2. Judit Bartholy*, Zsuzsanna Dezső, Csenge Dian, Rita Pongrácz: Evaluation of urban climatological effects of district-level rehabilitation program
  3. Bartosz Czernecki*: Estimating solar energy potential in Warsaw
  4. Tamás Gál*, Anita Bokwa, Petr Dobrovolny, Jan Geletic, Ágnes Gulyás, Monika Hajto, Brigitte Hollosi, Rafal Kielar, Michal Lehnert, Nóra Skarbit, Pavel Stastny, Marek Svec, János Unger, Miroslav Vysoudil, Jakub Walawender, Maja Zuvela-Aloise: Mapping the Local Climate Zones and application it as a land use information for MUKLIMO urban climate model
  5. Jan Geletic*, Michal Lehnert: Delimitation of Local climate zones based on ZABAGED database in the Czech Republic
  6. Ioana Herbel*, Antonio Flavius Ciupertea, Adina-Eliza C Croitoru*, Gabriela Victoria Harpa, Ionuţ Rus: Atmospheric urban heat island detection by direct measurements in Cluj-Napoca city, Romania
Room I
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
Krzysztof Fortuniak
University of Lodz
kfortun [at]
János Unger
Dep. Climatology and Landscape Ecology, University of Szeged
unger [at]
Stevan Savic
Climatology and Hydrology Research Centre, Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad
stevan.savic [at]
Dorián Baka
Eötvös Loránd University
keltafella [at]
János Egyedi

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