P20 Geography of higher education and the production of knowledge

Proposed session is dedicated to exchanging the current academic research and practical findings on all aspects of global spatial distribution of higher education sector and the knowledge production centers. The main goal is to explore the fundamental questions in human geography and social-economic studies linked to the role of higher education in local and regional innovativeness and knowledge spillovers. The intention of organizers is also to present strategic changes in geographical distribution of higher education sectors in Europe, the BRIC countries (Brazil,  Russia,  India and China), USA as well as other parts of the world. We would like to invite the presentations that address the following issues in different empirical and theoretical contexts, for example:

  • The changes and challenges for higher education systems in “learning society and economy”;
  • Geographical configuration / reconfiguration of global Universities networks;
  • The role of universities and the knowledge production centers in regional development;
  • The place of University in globalizing World;
  • The impact of knowledge sectors on urban development.
  • Higher education and social and technological innovations.
Rene Matlovic
University of Presov
rene.matlovic [at]
Piotr Pachura
Częstochowa University of Technology
piotr.t.pachura [at]
Beáta Király
Eötvös Loránd University
tengerszem90 [at]
Gergő Kollár

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