P11 Demographic change – conceptual debate and regional implications

The proposed session deals with the highly topical issue of demographic change, which includes processes of population ageing, decline and increasing heterogeneity across Europe. The session will focus on the local and regional implications of demographic change, trying to elaborate new conceptual approaches and connect them with European best -practice- examples that are suited to produce positive connotations of regional change perspectives. To this aim, the session concentrates on the following themes:
Conceptual approaches: Which conceptual approaches to demographic change go beyond “container-space” perspectives? How can the phenomenon be integrated in the contemporary debates in human geography after the cultural, spatial and institutional turn, and what are the results of such theorizing? Which effects do the overall negative connotations of the phenomenon produce in the public and scholarly discourse? Are there any positive connotations and interpretations of demographic change?
Local-regional “coping strategies“ in the context of the debate: How can initiatives and projects at the local or regional level to develop shrinking regions be connected with this debate? Can we obtain new strategic expertise from a critical reflection of regional case studies in Europe? How can non-governmental actors such as space pioneers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders/individuals contribute to regional development processes of shrinking regions?
The proposed session thus welcomes both conceptual and empirical contributions of ongoing or recently completed research in the fields.

Room B
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
  1. Ineta Grīne*, Elīna Apsīte-Beriņa, Undīne Grigorjeva: Seasonal residents and settlement in rural areas of Latvia
  2. Zenija Kruzmetra*, Dina Bite: Cultural environment as potential for society renewal
  3. Gábor Pirisi*, Bernadett Deák, András Trócsányi: Demographic decline: challenges and responses in shrinking small towns of Hungary
  4. Tadeusz Stryjakiewicz*: Urban shrinkage and the post-socialist transformation
Birgit Glorius
Chemnitz University of Technology
birgit.glorius [at]
Birgit Leick
University of Bayreuth, Economic Geography
birgit.leick [at]
Blanka Kruzslicz
Eötvös Loránd University
kruzslicz.blanka [at]
Gergő Kollár

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