The representation of research institutions and their localization in the context of development of metropolitan areas

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015
10.45 – 12.30
Czech Republic, knowledge production, metropolitan areas, postsocialist city, urban changes, urban planning

Currently, there has been formed several new research centers around the city of Prague. They are funded by Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Prague universities and partly financed by Ministry of Education and its Operational Programme Research and development for Innovations. The focus on their localization shows us that all of them were placed into the territory beyond the city. These are locations where is a need to build new infrastructure and where is an absence of local links and connections to other scientific institutions. This is greatly affected by the system of funding from the EU structural funds, which do not allow using the financial resources for such projects in the capital city of Prague. 

The paper analyzes represented meanings of research institutions and their localizations within the metropolitan areas. It aims to answer the question what value, function, and ideology is represented in the discourse of localities of research. Is there any debate about the importance of such institutions and what are the main stones? Are there presented any strategies of their localization? The discourse analyses, of academic and media debate, aims to uncover the context of emergence of post-suburban structure, the relation between core and periphery and the importance of competitive ability for regional development.

Alena Prochazkova
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