Relocation of economic activity within metropolitan areas in Poland. Scale and key drivers

Room G
Monday, 31 August 2015
13.00 – 14.45
firm, metropolitan areas, Poland, relocation

Relocation of economic activity is a key subject in contemporary academic discourse. There exists afair amount of research on the spatial and strategic aspects of this issue, which is examined from theperspective of decision-making behaviors of individual companies (for example Charles 1979; VanDijk and Pellenbarg 2000; Leitham et al. 2000; Wissen 2000; Brouwer et al. 2004; Holguín-Veras et al.2005; Clifton et al. 2006; Ozmen-Ertekin et al. 2007, Cao Y. Nguyen Kazushi Sano Tu Vu Tran TanThanh Doan, 2013) and its consequences and determinants (Pennings, Sleuwaegen, 2000), as well asin the context of a wider set of actors and some wider global trends. In contemporary academicdebate, there is also a discussion concerning relocation factors, which exert influence in therelocation decision-making process. Such factors include access to global networks, company size,rate of innovation, industry type, and many others. This presentation is designed to add to theconversation. Metropolitan areas in Poland are experiencing a rapid rate of business relocation fromthe central city to suburban areas. Suburban townships with special economic zones are especiallypopular relocation targets. The purpose of the presentation is to show the scale of businessrelocation in the metropolitan areas of Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, and Poznań. Changes in therate of relocation will be discussed for the last two decades. Research was performed on allcompanies in the study area employing at least 10 workers. Personal interviews with companyrepresentatives were used to assess the reasons for relocation and the effects of relocation. Thisstudy makes reference to research on the determinants of company relocation in urban areas(Risselada, Schutjens, Van Oort 2012).

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