Creative tourism in Cape Town: an innovation perspective

Room G
Monday, 31 August 2015
15.15 – 17.00
creative industries, creative tourism, innovation, urban planning, urban regeneration

Creative tourism is a growing field of inquiry which engages creative industry, creative city and urban regeneration debates. Recent scholarship observes that tourism and the creative economy are becoming increasingly intertwined. Following this line of argument, creative industries is said to have the potential to generate innovative milieux in cities, and the creative economy can, in turn, contribute to the growth of the urban tourism economies. This research identifies creative experience-based tourism as an example of novel tourism product innovation in Cape Town, South Africa. Creative spectacles and creative spaces are also investigated. This paper draws on 25 qualitative interviews, on the topic of creative tourism in Cape Town. The main findings of this research are that creative experience-based tourism is a small, but emerging urban tourism niche market with considerable growth potential and creative events are well developed currently in Cape Town but as yet poorly integrated with the wider tourism destination mix as well as creative industry initiatives; and whilst creative clusters are emerging in Cape Town, minimal development of creative urban spaces for tourism purposes is evident. Critical policy issues, which emerge from this analysis, surround recommendations for the fostering of creative networks, stimulating demand for creative tourism, developing a comprehensive creative tourism product mix, planning for creative precinct development, and integrating creative tourism into the Cape Town destination image.

Irma Booyens
University of Johannesburg
South Africa
irma.booyens [at]
Christian M. Rogerson

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