Bertagni Geography: a new way of thinking, teaching and applying geography. Paradigmatic case studies of geography based, multi-perspective and multi-disciplinary approaches

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015
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The project Bertagni Geography is a journey into the world of Geography, which is looked at as a riverbed that takes shape and content when sprayed by the waters of other fields of science.

A group of persons of different origins and competencies have committed themselves to intercept the various sources of knowledge that are complementary to geography so that the water of the diverse effluents can flow into the main riverbed of a fully comprehensive and harmonized knowledge.
The subject of geography has been steadily integrated by other branches of science or topics; each binomial was then refined through interviews to international professionals with expertise in a specific area and through specialised in-depth articles.
With this new cross-cultural character and role Geography has been placed in functional relation to the knowledge and the representation of the world, to the study of the dynamics of man and populations, to the analysis of the environment and the territory, to the understanding of economic activities.
This project is above all a tribute to geography that we have investigated through multi-facetted glances with the intent of offering a modern, flexible and effective perception; we would never want that geography is regarded as a closed and self-referential system or as a strictly notional, mnemonic and austere knowledge.
Two paradigmatic examples of a geography based but multi-perspective and multi-disciplinary approach are:

  • The reclaiming of the Zuiderzee. Geographical, social, economical, environmental consequences of the closure of the Zuiderzee and the creation of Polders.
  • Somewhereness: Mediterranean spirit(s) & style. A geo-localization program in China for a group of Mediterranean wineries based on a Genius Loci approach.
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