Encouraging new patterns of urban experience through the interconnection between mobile application, online services and the internet of things

Room L
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
10.45 – 12.30
internet of things, mobile experience, smart city, social geography

The rapid spread of social and mobile platforms enable people to experience progressively new patterns of experience with their own territory.

The gradual interconnection between smartphones, online platforms and objects, a fundamental characteristic of the Internet of Things, allows users to produce and share a real-time large amounts of information and data.

Today the broader concept of “Smart City” needs to be accompanied to the concept of “Smart Citizen”.

The new challenge for the geographer is to design new patterns of experience, digital and mobile-driven, which bind the citizens to their territory in so virtuous ways.

In particular, the social geographer must design and promote the development of new crowd-sourced digital services necessary for the development of three crucial aspects for the 21st century cities: the protection of the environment, the urban mobility and the public safety.

Designing experiences that enable people to relate in a new way with their reference territory must be the result of a work that integrates multidisciplinary expertise.

The geographer is also required the ability to analyze large amounts of data generated by user behavior and their interconnection with the environment and the urban objects, to help the delivery of new policies for urban and regional development.

The work will be based on the analysis of the platforms that can be used  in a virtuous way and on case studies referred to their application on the urban territory.

Alessandro Prunesti
Università Europea di Roma
alessandro.prunesti [at]

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