Geosystem-landscape-environment: convergences or divergences?

Room J
Monday, 31 August 2015
15.15 – 17.00
complexity, environment, geosystem, main-stream themes

The geographers assume the right to the geosystem research as a mater of course. Is it the same towards the concept landscape, or the environment? The landscape, the environment are by their material essence the same material entities. Is the scientific understanding of the landscape as a geosystem, what was enforced by Central and Eastern-European geographers in last century, still valid? How much are up-to-date the complex geographical researches in comparison with the main-stream themes as the climatic changes or biodiversity loss? The main problem are not the challenging themes influencing the overall human development, but a concern that an effort on quick results may lead to simplification and flattening of the basic research, leaving the complexity, concentrating on single elements of the environment. All that attract the young researchers to seek easier, less arduous, quick success yielding themes, many times characterised by main-stream terms, often (miss)used as cliché or even key-words in order to gain project supports, as sustainable development, ecosystem services, water security, as well as new approaches as integrated management, citizen sciences, public participation, etc. – all without real deep, complex content. What is the approach of the landscape ecologists or the environmentalists to the same questions? One may easy find studies dealing with water, biodiversity, landscape, environment as separate things. All those theoretical-methodical questions decisively influence the development of geographical researches! The scientific conferences should address negotiations also to those – even theoretical – problems. Few of them are discussed in the prepared presentation.

László Miklós
Technical University in Zvolen
miklos [at]

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