Sensitive Landscape Border Lines

Room H
Wednesday, 2 September 2015
08.30 – 10.15
(de)territorialization, arts, assimilation, border, borderscape, experience, landscape, perception, territorial consciousness

The intention of this document is to provoke an “Territorial consciousness” of the different limits that capture de Landscape Border which is not only “geographic limit”, its is also “personal and  physical limit”. Because in this kind of border landscapes  you capture all of them and  their intensities. Therefore it is important to express the suffering of person as consequence of delimitation of territories, in this case with art paintings, art strokes and poetry which it expresses a landscape perception.

Each one of the line that contains a place becomes a limit that man has to cross many layers of borders: where nature condenses or where it disperses or where everything occurs, limit occurs. “The entrapment of the territories lines” make you experience it. To become again the connection between Nature and Man, like a person who “sees and captures the border landscape”.   

To build the lines that connect peoples that trespass territories  and where people are mixed to become an “Unión”, “ Nor Disunion”. So the intention is to “reconcile conflicting poles” and therefore “to achieve interspaces that induce the knowledge of each others (Africa-Europe, Asia-Europe)”.

Nature must be a Whole, opposed to the idea of desintegration promoted  by men who  have always the desire of territorialization. The borders and its assimilation how limits are generated in the human mind, does not come from the “Real Nature” of man, who really “should seek to unite, to express collective thought of men needs as a social and global being”.   

Santiago Pedraza Humildad
Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid
Master de Proyectos Arquitectonicos Avanzados
Laboratorio de Paisaje
humildadsp [at]

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