Human mobility and information technology, a more and more integrated cause and effect phenomenon

Room K
Monday, 31 August 2015
13.00 – 14.45
financial flows, Information, international migration, knowledge production, mobilities of knowledge, social innovation, tourist movement

The concept of human mobility has been developed in the social sciences during the Nineties. In 2000, the definition has had its specific recognition in geographical disciplines with the activation of a specific Commission (Globility, Global Change and Human Mobility) of the International Geographical Union. Over the last fifteen years, the phenomenon has become increasingly evident even though the research and publications are perhaps left behind compared to the speed of the phenomenon. Studies on human mobility focus on the movement of people, but it is increasingly clear that the phenomenon is the result of evolution and diffusion of ICT. Through the combination of human mobility and ICT has also established the connection of financial flows, economic ones and information that have become part of a complex system of synergies which will determine the development of the next decades. The paper contributes to determine how the human mobility has changed, in the phenomena and in the studies, since 2000, when geographers of all the world have begun to exchange regularly their experiences during the annual meetings of Globility.

The reflection on the studies and research of the recent past will help us understand how the phenomenon will grow in the coming decades and which will be the commitments that will be required to geography. Particularly useful in this context will be to follow the younger generation human mobility which reflect cultures and behaviours that are likely to be replicated in the next half century.

Armando Montanari
Sapienza Rome University
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