Effects of the Hungarian higher education faculties of health sciences on the settlements – Case study: Pécs-Debrecen

Room D
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
08.30 – 10.15
high skilled migration, higher education

The twenty-first century transformation processes set higher economic role for the higher education institutions. As a result of the transformation generated by the socio-economic changes, the study of the economic effects of universities got into the focus of researches. Economics studies the knowledge transfer phenomenon, the long-term “knowledge effect”, by which institutions mediate information and innovation to the real sphere. From the aspect of social geography, the short-term “expenditure effects” are also considered important. Higher education teachers and students have substantial effects on the real estate market, sublet prices and retail sales of the settlement (and its environs), and on the consumption patterns and consumption in general. Our research focuses on the economic effects generated by foreign students. Their consumption patterns are studied through their expenditures. The empirical survey was conducted during the 2014/2015 academic year at two Hungarian universities offering medical training (Debrecen and Pécs). The statistically treated data are presented on maps to provide better clarity.

The more in-depth understanding of international student migration is also set as a goal in addition to the study of the economic effect on the settlements. Concentrating on medical training, we also look at the presence of the Hungarian higher education on the international education market.

The expected results of the research highlight the characteristics of the Hungarian healthcare training. They demonstrate the effects of fee pay trainings on the economy and structure of the settlements, the consumption patterns of foreign students and (with best estimates) quantify the revenues from it.

Zsuzsanna M. Császár
University of Pécs
cszsuzsa [at]
Roland Hegedűs
University of Debrecen
hegedusroland1989 [at]
Károly Teperics
University of Debrecen
teperics.karoly [at]
Tamás Á. Wusching
University of Pécs, Faculty of Sciences, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences
wt14 [at]

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