The new experiences of methodology and fieldwork in research of migration processes in Hungary

Room K
Monday, 31 August 2015
15.15 – 17.00
emphirical methodology, field survey, migration

In recent years, the increasing international migration and the problems associated with it are growing. It is well known that our country is also involved in this theme; in recent years more and more people leave Hungary to try their luck abroad. Unfortunately there are no precise data on this, especially based on future trends assessing. In our research, we tried to get information which can determine the Hungarian migration intention. We wanted to know which social groups are most affected by emigration and we were curious to see if there are regional differences, what the reasons are. The empirical research aims two sample groups, one of them was the students from the universities and the other was people between 18-80 ages in the largest cities of Hungary. During the survey we also measure subjective quality of life factors, like happiness and satisfaction which may influence the migration intentions. Respondent also can reply which are the most important attractive factors of the target country, and which are the most important repulsive factors of Hungary. We have an online questioner and we have made many queries whit interviewers in the cities. Data processes by SPSS. In this presentation we would like to focus on the methodology and the field survey of this research. 

Beáta Szilasi Siskáné
University of Miskolc
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Tibor Kóródi

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