Renewal of the methodology of the geographical education by using new generation of textbooks

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015
08.30 – 10.15
geography education, geography textbook, methodology, new generation

Geographical education is suffering crisis since two decades: while the quantity of the content and the demand for creating competences relating to it was multiplied, the timeframe decreased radically. Traditional methods of the education are already not viable; however, this fact is only barely acknowledged by the teachers. Therefore, the key is the improvement of the methodological culture of the teachers, who are rather conservative, e.g. they strongly stick to the teaching materials of the textbooks during the lessons. Hopefully it will be improved by a new generation of textbooks, which are edited in the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development based on the National Curriculum and on the Frame Curricula of 2012.  Among others their main new methodological items are:

  • their basic concept sets out from the research-based learning: preliminary raising of problems; investigations; research etc.;
  • they adopt reflective educational strategy: progress from the general to the individual during the elaboration; set the details in the whole; do not repeat elaborated elements, only reflect to the former treatment of a subject and build it onward;
  • use many mind maps, networks of notions, systematisers of themes, or summing ups;
  • formulate teaching practices, e.g. how to analyse figures, diagrams, pictures; how to learn easily the geographical names etc.;
  • contain drawings close to children’s mentality;
  • contain infographic-like thematic map sketches;
  • and contain tasks stimulating discussions, expressions of opinions.
Mariann Makádi
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István Arday
Gergely Horváth
Department of Environmental and Landscape Geography
Institute of Geography and Geosciences
Eötvös Loránd Univesity
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