See, not only look at! Observations and investigations in geographical education

Room K
Wednesday, 2 September 2015
10.45 – 12.30
experiment, geographical education, investigation, teaching geography

One of the main problems of the education of the sciences that it separates from the reality. However, on the other hand the notion “reality” has different meaning for the scientists and for the actors of the education. Moreover, it has different meaning also for the teacher and the student, the former one considers reality the objective environment, the latter one the virtual environment. Therefore nowadays the main task is becoming acquainted directly to the natural environment, which can be carried out only in real environment by experiencing. The traditional education tries to show the reality in theoretical manner to the students, therefore they try to complete the snatches of the reality by their fantasy; therefore, because of the lack of understanding or of knowing facts their ideas of the reality can be malformed. But, if the teacher illustrates the reality, then the students spare its imagination. The teacher has to help them to see and not only to look for the reality. Nevertheless, to create ability for “seeing” has a hierarchic order. The students can attain the ability for investigations by the strategy of the research-based learning.

The presentation try to introduce, how the task-systems of observation, description, investigation and experimentation can build on each other and how they represent the different grades of the scientific thinking.

Mariann Makádi
koborc2 [at]
Gergely Horváth
Department of Environmental and Landscape Geography
Institute of Geography and Geosciences
Eötvös Loránd Univesity
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