An analysis of policies and initiatives supporting highly skilled return migration in Hungary

Room K
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
08.30 – 10.15
European Union, highly skilled migrants, Hungary, national initiatives, national policies, return migration

The outmigration and brain drain of highly skilled labour force are global and Hungarian phenomena triggering many problems in the source countries. Nevertheless, these processes are not irreversible, and return migration could be beneficial both for returnees and the countries of their origin. Several national policies and initiatives have already been implemented in the world in order to stop outmigration and to foster return migration to the countries of origin. Our study on the main characteristics of national-level highly skilled labour force return migration policies and initiatives in Hungary involves scientific literature analysis and content analysis. In addition, we study the correspondence between Hungarian and European Union (both national and EU level) return migration policies and initiatives. Furthermore, we analyse the opinion of Hungarian highly skilled remigrants on this issue. We have found very few complex and comprehensive return policies and initiatives in Hungary. These are relatively new ones which apply only a small number of methods and tools used outside Hungary. Highly skilled returnees know these policies and initiatives well and find them beneficial. Without conscious planning and coordination, Hungarian policies and initiatives supporting returnees are less effective.

Gábor Hegedűs
University of Szeged, Department of Economic and Social Geography
hegedusg [at]
Gábor Lados
Department of Economic and Social Geography, University of Szeged
ladosg [at]

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