Importance of synergies in the development of peripheral regions

Room D
Wednesday, 2 September 2015
10.45 – 12.30
efficiency, synergy, territorial development

After the transition significant EU and domestic development aid have been spent to reduce the geographical development disparities within the European integration. In the case of the most peripheral rural areas these development efforts are not very effective, hampering the geographic cohesion.

This presentation is based on the preliminary results of an ongoing research titled with ‘Realized and missed synergies in development policies – Effects of EU and domestic development aid in territorial framework’ (financed by Hungarian Scientific Research Fund – OTKA K 101025). In this project we intend to explore the socio–economic effects of the last decade’s development related policies and aid programmes in an exact geographic framework.

The Encs district is one of the most lagging rural areas in the EU, which can be characterised with a very scattered settlement system, remoteness from the centres, poor infrastructure and human resources, low living standard and extreme level of unemployment. The district is targeted by significant amounts of EU and domestic aids, programmes supporting local authorities, enterprises and civil society, however the backwardness and comparative disadvantages do not seem to decrease over time.

We claim the existence of synergies plays a crucial role in the efficiency of the territorial development policies. We are seeking the answer to the question what synergies have been realised/opportunities have been missed? Are there important mismatches between local and central initiatives? According to our findings the synergies between the development efforts should be appear on different levels: a geographic, a dynamic and a sectoral one.

László Jeney
Department of Economic Geography and Futures Studies, Corvinus University of Budapest
jeney [at]
Pál Juhász
Attila Korompai
Gusztáv Nemes
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
nemes23 [at]
Ágnes Varga

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