Respond on fuzzy responsibilities in the cross-border management of Alps-Carpathian eco-biocorridor

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015
15.00 – 16.45
fuzzy responsibility, multiactors, multilevel governance, territorial management

The paper explores the concept of multilevel polycentric governance (Finka & Kluvankova, 2014) as the core  concept for territorial management safeguarding sustainability of Alps-Carpathian bio-corridor cutting the core area in one of the most dynamically developing metropolitan regions in Europe - cross-border region CENTROPE (Giffinger, 2005; Jaššo, 2008). Developing proper approach to the management of this area reflecting the fuzzy responsibilities was a part of the project for the re-establishment of this bio-corridor (Finka & Huysa, 2011) awarded by the IENE Award 2012 and was listed as an example of successful international collaboration in the UNEP report 2013 and EC report on new priorities in programming period 2014-2020.

The developed concept provides an example of organizational and institutional scheme of the management and decision making processes determined by high level of uncertainty and unclear responsibility embedded in the governance model working in cross-border territorial management.

Core notion is that well-established polycentric multilevel governance system is crucial for safeguarding sustainability and for successful implementation of projects on various scales, where there is no single leading authority, but responsibility is shared among a variety of actors, be it public or private bodies with many conflicting interest of actors.

Paper strives to contribute to the debates on best-practice examples of territorial governance and dealing with fuzzy responsibility arguing it is possible to synchronize the interests of multiple actors to find consensus to act towards common goal.

Milan Husar
Institute of Management, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
husar.milan [at]
Maros Finka
Lubomir Jamecny

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