Environmental attitude, environmental education and geographical education

Room K
Wednesday, 2 September 2015
10.45 – 12.30
envonment, geograpal education

Observing and description of the natural and social phenomena and the processes of our closer and wider environment are fundamental tasks of the geography. While the processes, which endanger the environment traceable to geographical reasons, the geographical education has to undertake consciously the introduction of the environmental processes and to reveal the role of the society in the environment-transforming activities of which measure is getting more and more alarming. The importance of the environmental education occurred in the 1980’s in the geographical education. Elaboration of environmental problems and development of environmental attitude has been emphasised in the geographical education owing to the introduction of the new National Curricula (NC) in 1995. Change of approach, thinking on the environment as a vulnerable system has been emphasised in the geographical education since then. The revisions of the NC in 2006 and 2012, by drawing up of the key competences and the new stressed development tasks, strengthened onward the significance of the environmental attitude and education. The question is, that the environmental attitude having been formulated in the educational documents in which extent is turning up in the core curricula which directly regulate the education, and in the text-books based on them. The aim of the presentation is to introduce the connection of the environmental and the geographical education and to investigate the perspectives of the further development of the contents and methodology.

Gergely Horváth
Department of Environmental and Landscape Geography
Institute of Geography and Geosciences
Eötvös Loránd Univesity
horvger [at]
Judit Visi

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