The de-bordering process over the landscapes. A land use and cover analysis of a Pyrenean border region: the central area of the Cross-border Catalan Space

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015
15.00 – 16.45
cross-border cooperation, cross-border planning, landscape planning, landscapes, opennes of borders, spatial planning

The presence of a boundary implies the juxtaposition between two different political and cultural systems and defines the limits of the countries landscape policies and spatial planning actions. The boundary determines the differences on either side of the border that are reflected in the landscape. This in turn, creates territories with dual landscape evolution despite being a single geographical unit. The landscape is an expression of the dynamics between natural and cultural influences of the territory, and its appearance reflects the social, political and economic changes experienced by a country over the time. As consequence, the landscape also shows how the process of opening border in Europe has affected the border regions.

In this research we compare the landscape evolution – using the land use and cover database- of each side of the border for one border landscape located at the eastern end of the Franco – Spanish border: the central area of the Cross-border Catalan Space.

This paper aims to highlight the direct involvement in the landscape dynamics affected by two political and socio-cultural systems where the consequence is the existence of two landscape models based on their individual management, spatial planning and protection rights. We point out how the landscape dynamics have been affected and transformed by the progressive loss of functions of the Franco-Spanish border after the entry of Spain into the EU and during the development of the globalisation process.

The methodology is based on the interrelation between the analysis of the landscape patterns during the last sixty years and the historical evolution of the spatial planning from the local to the European scale and the EU cross-border cooperation policy.

Roser Pastor Saberí
University of Girona
roser87 [at]

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