The local economic development's effects on tourism - on example of Tamási micro region

Room D
Wednesday, 2 September 2015
10.45 – 12.30
local development, rural development, tourism

The Hungarian National Public Employment Program has started to work on reduction of the number of unemployment rate in Hungary. HNPEP includes micro regional start-work program and in the most disadvantages micro regions it was one of the most effective program in order to reach some economic growth (). In this article we deal with local economic development (start-work programs included) and its impacts on tourism. Two from all of five classical local economic development's area are the social economy and tourism. The number of participant in this areas is increasingly influences the activity of the micro region and the economy as well.

There were 3 research camp in micro region where we have a defined and targeted value list roadmap based on internal strengths and opportunities. We have mapped the local food and non-food products and qualified workers that define local conditions across availability of local healthy foods, supplier bases, micro region's visibility and tourism.

We would like to introduce local economical and tourism developments in Tamási micro region and its impacts on each other. We would like to show what kind of risk and opportunity do some of people face in micro region? We have started the journey of local economic development in this micro region and want to present our research results.

Viktória Csizmadiáné Czuppon
Pannon University
czuppon [at]
Edina Sáriné Csajka
Tamás Molnár

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