Traditional industrial spaces, new economic trends - the evolving specialization of the Transylvanian regions

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Monday, 31 August 2015
13.00 – 14.45
clusters, industrial change, regional development, specialization

In the last years quite a few studies have been analyzing and describing the fate of old, traditionally industrial areas and the decline of certain industries as we know them all over Europe. Romania, and especially Transylvania, with a long tradition in industrial production is no exception.

Over the last two decades in Transylvania - although in a fluctuating manner -, in spite of the industrial decline we could see an economic growth surpassing that of the EU average, for new opportunities have emerged which have not gone unnoticed by the economic environment. New industries have developed, new areas of economic development have emerged - but have they emerged in areas previously overlooked by the radar of economic prosperity or has there just been a change in specialization of older industrial areas, taking advantage of their skilled labor force and more developed infrastructure? Whichever the case, has it been a punctual development or have managed to involve the neighboring areas in the process? Has it been a spontaneous process or it had a planned character sketched out by a newly emerging clusters? If not, is there a chance to foster cooperation between research and the economic environment with the help of economic clusters?

By answering the above questions, the goal of the paper is to analyze the changes in the specialization of certain areas and the impact and role of clusters in supporting representative industries, by managing relationships between partner institutions and involving external financing sources.

Gergely Jozsef Torok
Babes Bolyai University
torokgergo [at]

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