The appeard of sustainability in the Hungarian higher education of tourism

Room K
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
08.30 – 10.15
higher education, sustainability, tourism

In Hungary most possibilities of tourism are based on sensitive natural factors - like medical waters, forests, lakes etc. - so it is important to save, develop and manage them. It is unimaginable without a deep knowledge of sustainability, since reducing the tourism's negative natural, environmental and social effects to a minimal level can be only possible if the people in tourism area know these effects, and what is more, they are able to recognise and avoid them.

In the study the research's two fields focus on the expectation's quality in the tourism trade and the examination of the sustainability's education, from which you can see how far the tourism and adjusting it, the education can be taken in a positive direction, which meet the requirements of development. During the research the comparison among the trade's planned directions and the current education structure happened from the view of sustainability. The preference of lecturers in the 14 concerned universities and colleges, and the possibilities in the different subjects are parts of the research that can show the forms and the level of sustainability and intervention's necessity.

The research answers the question whether the current higher education of tourism in Hungary consists of the maintainable improvements' theoretical questions and their practical projections on a sufficient level. It helps you to decide whether it is needed to alter the structure of the tourism's education. It enlightens the fields which help the most to make the tourism maintainable.

Gyöngyi Kovács
Károly Róbert College
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Agnes Kerekesne Mayer
Karoly Robert College
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