Creative Budapest

Room K
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
15.00 – 16.45
Budapest, creativity, seasonality, tourism, tourism function, tourism space

Creativity, activity, experience – these phrases frequently turn up in tourism literature, because they are correlated with the new touristic trends. These new trends have influence for the different parts of tourism as a hole, and of course for the tourism demand and the tourism supply of the cities too. The different comment web pages, like TripAdvisor show the same, they indicate that there is a growing demand for the new and creative offers in city tourism.Recognising these facts we decided to review the tourism supply of the capital city of Budapest. Shall we say Budapest is creative?
Our searching review is however different than the one represented by the Unesco Creative Cities Network. The aim of our research is to gather the creative tourist attractions of Budapest, paying special attention to the elements that require physical activity.

We will analyse

  • if they are really new services or not,
  • what kind of specifications these creative spaces have, for which segments of the touristic demand these services are sold,
  • if there is any connection between the traditional elements of the touristic supply and the new creative services,
  • if these services have any spatial and temporal aspects in area of Budapest.

The capital city of Budapest has many competitors in the European tourism market. So, it is very important to examine whether the other capital cities have similar offers in their supply or not. Namely is Budapest really creative or not.

Adrienne Nagy
Budapest Busines School
nagy.adrienne [at]
Diána Dóra Kiss
Corvinus University
kissmelodia [at]
Csilla Petykó
Budapest Business School Tourism Department
petyko.csilla [at]

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