From geographical education to territorial education. Theories and practices from the laboratories of geography for students of Educational Sciences of the University of Turin

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015
10.45 – 12.30
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Geographical education is internationally recognized as a useful and fruitful vehicle for the transmission of other types of education and competences, strictly related to important challenges that societies and environment face. It is the case of the education to active citizenship, to interculturality and cultural diversity or to sustainable development, as witnessed by the two Declarations of the International Geographical Union on Geographical Education for Cultural Diversity (in 2000) and on Geographical Education for Sustainable Development (in 2007).

In the last years at the University of Turin the concept of “territorial education” has been developed (Giorda and Puttilli, 2011; Dematteis and Giorda, 2013), relating the teaching of geography to the debate on the awareness of territorial values of places, as the base for a sustainable, aware and active citizenship (Magnaghi, 2000). The core of the idea is the idea of territory and territoriality as developed mostly in the Italian and French debate and only recently introduced into the Anglo-Saxon debate (Klauser, 2012).

The aim of this contribution is to reflect on the idea of “territorial education” from a theoretical point of view, moving from the empirical experience of several laboratories carried out in the last five years with the students of the classes of Geography and Teaching Geography of the department of Educational Science of the University of Turin. The students have been directly involved in the identification and interpretation of territorial values of three different fiedlworks (an Alpine village, the town of Savigliano and the city centre of Turin), with various methodologies of analysis and representation.

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