The thousand-year-old Hungarian state borders: borders of a nation, a state or an empire?

Room F
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
17.15 – 19.00
state contsructions, state history

The Hungarian state, the Hungarian state territory, the constitutional structures and its political borders raised different issues in different historical periods. and they formed different national and historical geographical complexes of issues.  Starting from the 12th century Hungary had a developed an empirical structure. The neighbourhood of the given Hungarian state was constantly changing due to transformations of power in Europe. The historical Hungarian Empire collapsed in 1526. Hungary turned to be divided between empires. Starting from 1530's and especially from 1796 the analysis of the country's political structures and borders had become an essential topic in the development of the Hungarian geography. The Compromise of 1867 with Austria resulted a very special “co-empire” status of Hungary. After the defeat in the First World War Hungary turned to be a “small country with great History”.


Zoltán Hajdú
Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of HAS
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