European Neighbourhood as Political Innovation: EU Policies of Cross-Border Cooperation and Visions of a New Post-Cold War World Order

Room E
Tuesday, 1 September 2015
10.45 – 12.30
European neighbourhood, sovereignty, spatial imaginaries, world order

My paper analyses changing key-concepts and spatial imaginaries of EU documents of CBC and external relations in the context of the discussion on new post- Cold War international order. Special attention is paid to the shifts in political vocabulary of the European Neighbourhood Policies between the Wider Europe document (2003) and the present-day lineation of Eastern Partnership Policies. The aim of the study is to identify political innovation in the ways of conceptualizing sovereignty and defining Europe and European neighbourhood.

By examining the coexistence and clash of diverse sovereignty concepts and spatial imaginaries of EU CBC and security policies, the paper strives to critically comment on and to contribute to the broader discussion on the role of the EU as a new kind of international actor. The main focus of the study is on the implications of novel sovereignty concepts and spatial imaginaries for the process of the shaping of EU common foreign and security policies. The paper asks how the sovereignty challenging spatial imaginaries of the Wider Europe document of the year 2003 have worked as political innovation and to what degree they are still valid part of EU common foreign and security policies.

Ilkka Liikanen
Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland
ilkka.liikanen [at]

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