Learning a lesson from climate change: Incorporating the impacts of climate change and the means and techniques of mitigation and adaptation into tourism education

Room D
Wednesday, 2 September 2015
08.30 – 10.15
climate change, education, sustainable tourism development

Climate change is a key concept of sustainable tourism development and the concept itself bears similarities with sustainability: many people talk about it but only a few are aware of its multifaceted nature and the wide range of implications for the tourism industry. Therefore it is an urgent task to incorporate climate change issues into the curriculum of tourism higher education, potentially as a module on its own right but necessarily as a discussion topic within the fields of tourism geography, destination management, hospitality management, (tourism) marketing, strategic management just to name some of the most important ones.

There have already been many attempts to mitigate the impacts of climate change by the tourism industry and although these have been recognised and have considerable significance in the operations of tourism, we must ask where they have been taken up by tourism education and embodied within the curricula. We see similarities with the ways in which it took HEIs to fully recognise sustainability within the curricula with the slow adoption of the climate change issues. There is still a need to address the agenda within our classes and to engage the students – the managers of the future – with the importance of the measures being taken and the work that remains in the challenge to defeat climate change.

Katalin Lőrincz
University of Pannonia
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Agnes Raffay
Pannon University
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