Aesthetics, representation and communication of rural in Russian mafia cinema. (1988-2010)

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015
17.15 – 19.00
imaginaires ruraux, Moscow, post-Soviet countries, Russian cities, télévision

The phenomenon of the Russian mafia despite that it is fairly new in the world of classical mafia, had already won his high positions in international society.

Here it is necessary to distinguish the opposition of rural face to the big city in Russian Mafia cinema. In the case where the criminal hero find himself in the countryside in exile or fled there voluntarily,the campaign represent an area of tranquility and peace, often misleading because thereafter the criminal is found and avenged.

The influence of rural is benefactor on Russian Criminal protagonist. Rural often turns a hard personality of the criminal in a human being.

The example of the films “Boumer” and "Boumer 2” is crucial in the representation of rural and its influence on the evaluation of the 4 criminal friends.

The special feature of this film that it is called on behalf of the BMW car, which is the main hero. The final scene shows abandoned Boumer which found his death in the forest without his owners…

The originality of the russian mafia cinema genre, in particular, that it was in some cases produced, and performed by former criminals. Such was the case of Vitaly Demochka, former criminal, who transferred his real life into the movie. This story, the real and fictional one happens in the suburb area of the city of Ussurisk, where Vitaly and his criminal group always live and did their criminals actions.

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