Recruitment information for overseas working Japanese in Germany: Activities of recruitment agencies

Room K
Monday, 31 August 2015
17.15 – 19.00
Germany, Japan, migration, recruitment agency

The economic globalization will push up the international workforce mobility. Skilled international migration is fundamental globalization process in the “space of flows” of network society. And skilled professional and managerial elite need their assistants and support persons. Therefore globalization induces plenty of international migration containing both skilled professional workers and their supports persons which contains subordinates and locally locally-hired employee. Recently, the number of Japanese working abroad is increasing. Especially, Japanese young women’s working abroad is more than men. Already, we researched the Japanese working women in Singapore, Bangkok, San Francisco and Shanghai. The needs of office procedures, service sectors, sales and customer service in Japanese overseas companies are increasing and diversified in order to support Japanese expatriates. Therefore these supporting procedures in Japanese companies in each country are required for Japanese women as local employees. Furthermore, Japanese companies switch from expatriates to people hired locally, in order to reduce personnel expenses after the Lehman Shock. Then many Japanese companies depend on recruitment agencies in recruiting Japanese employees.

In this study, we research activities of recruitment agencies which recruit Japanese hired locally in Düsseldorf, Germany. Because we researched in Düsseldorf, there are over 500 Japanese companies and there is the biggest Japanese community in Europe. We also clarify the characteristics of Japanese human resources by using recruitment data for Japanese job seekers. Recruitment agencies consult with job seekers on their career path. Their activities are important for job seekers and also for Japanese companies.

Yoshimichi Yui
Hiroshima University
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