Financial literacy among 15-17 years old secondary school students – the relevance of the economical education

Room K
Wednesday, 2 September 2015
15.00 – 16.45
economic education, financial awareness, financial literacy of the youth, financial literary, public education

At present, the issue of financial awareness, financial literacy in our country becomes a target of disputes. In the recent years the incomplete instructions of the bank clerks and financial advisors, the received incorrect information, and the lack of knowledge of the people could be the factors that many people have poor and unfavorable financial decisions (foreign currency based loans, several long-term investments which became loss). In our study, first, we show you why we think it is an important topic and how does it connect to the economical education and geography education, second, we introduce the related domestic research in this topic in recent years, and finally, we will present the results of a comparative analysis, which was carried out with more than 500 secondary school student from Grade 9 to 11. In our questionnaire-based research we wanted to investigate the context between financial knowledge, money treatment, saving propensity, family conversations about money, as well as the satisfaction with actual financial situation and we would like to investigate that whose advices listend by the students at their age.

In our country, thare are a number of initiatives to promote financial literacy among the younger generation, such as educational programs or funds for financial education. Our research covered by the TÁMOP (SROP)-3.1.2-12/2 project „Your money – Your Future! Know, understand, treat! – The development of financial awareness in the 15-17 years students”.

Bertalan Péter Farkas
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Aranka Mészáros
Gyula Nemeskéri

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