Local perceptions and attitudes towards tourism: Hungarian case studies

Room K
Monday, 31 August 2015
15.15 – 17.00
attitude, local people, tourism

The local authorities are an important part of the tourism environmen, they play an emphasised role in tourism. Firstly they are an active part of the destination’s character, and secondly tourists are able to discover the destination through locals, who thereby play a direct part in the travel experience. The local people’s attitude to tourists, and their acceptance of them, can provide the foundation of the destination’s success. The locals attitude towards and expectations of tourism are influenced by several factors. These include the proportion of locals to tourists, the tourism sector’s role in the economy, and last but not least the local people’s involvement in the tourist industry. We examine the operation and interaction of these factors in three different destinations where the common is the importance of tourism to the local economy. Hévíz is a world famous destination, where the main attraction is the thermal lake and the medicinal properties of the water. The large number of foreign tourists is significant for the life and economy of the town. Orfű has a different profile; here the main clientele are families who come for recreational activities. Thus in this area we find a large number of weekend houses, and also that people from nearby cities move there for the rural enviroment. It is very difficult to reach Kisújbánya, so it would not be able to sustain higher volumes of tourism. Most of the houses are weekend houses, and hikers are the other main category of visitor.

Mónika Jónás-Berki
University of Pécs
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University of Pécs, Faculty of Sciences
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