Social sustainability in Rome's natural protected areas: new perspective and methods

Room H
Monday, 31 August 2015
17.15 – 19.00
green areas, socia sustainability, sustainability

Equity, diversity, interconnections/cohesion, quality of life, democracy and maturity are the six dimensions of social sustainability given by 1998 Nobel Prize Amartya Sen. Following these principles, RomaNatura, the regional public office that manages all the natural protected areas inside the city of Rome (Italy), started new projects to promote social sustainability in urban context. The strong urban pressure on green areas, the increasing of violence, inadequate public transportation, deterioration in quality of life are only some of the problems in people's everyday life. The main RomaNatura's goal is to give back to Rome's citizens renovated spaces where they can improve their general quality of life, feeling safe and protected, and being involved in a general transformation process. A new (for Italy) perspective on volunteer programs, different marketing strategies, a greater involvement, and the improvement of local economy are the four pillars of this new project, started in 2014. This paper wants to present, in details, the values of social sustainability in natural protected areas in urban context, the new methods applied in the project and the results reached in the first year of activity.

Stefano Ancilli
La Sapienza University of Rome
stefanoancilli [at]

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