Code Title Session type
P01 A cohesive Europe in 2020 – new instruments, new concepts, new territories Paper session
P03 Applied urban climate and bioclimate Paper session
P04 Art, spatial experimentation and knowledge production Paper session
P05 Benefits of remote sensing for geography Paper session
P07 Challenging borders: a critical perspective on the relation between state, territory, citizenship and identity Paper session
P08 Changing world, changing human mobilities: global convergence and divergence Paper session
P09 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction integration: a multi-disciplinary and multi-scalar perspective Paper session
P10 Complex systems, cognition and territorial planning Paper session
P11 Demographic change – conceptual debate and regional implications Paper session
P12 Deperipheralisation: adaptation, strategies and potentials of peripheralised regions in CEE Paper session
P13 Emerging economic spaces, industries and trends Paper session
P14 Environmental geography Paper session
P16 Geographical education Paper session
P17 Geographies of nature – understanding, sense making, knowledge making Paper session
P18 Geography and sport Paper session
P19 Geography, empires, nations and the role of geographical societies Paper session
P20 Geography of higher education and the production of knowledge Paper session
P21 Geography in economic and territorial development policies Paper session
P22 GIS-based geomorphological mapping Paper session
P24 Human-environment researches in unified (?) geography, theory and practice Paper session

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