EGTC: a new discourse on space?

Room E
Wednesday, 2 September 2015
08.30 – 10.15
cross-border cooperation, EGTC, EU Cohesion Policy, functional cross-border regions, integrated spatial planning, ITI

In my presentation, based on the experiences of our association (CESCI) gained in the field of creating and developing EGTCs (9 in total) I am looking for an answer to the question whether it is possible to re-define the discourse on space and borders by using new instruments of the Cohesion Policy like EGTC and ITI.

For this purpose, I will briefly draft the evolution of cross-border cooperation in Europe, from the first informal forms through functional models to normative way of cooperation (i.e. the EGTC). I will highlight the needs occured on the ground and the preliminary intentions of the „founding fathers” explaining the birth of this new instrument.

Secondly, I will focus on the metamorphoses the meaning of the EGTC went through, based on our own daily experiences and the text of the new EGTC Regulation.

Finally, I would like to explain, how EGTC can contribute to a new way of discourse on space, where the meaning of border is changing and new scopes of functionality and territoriality can be created. I will also touch upon the problems thematic concentration induces against integrated development (e.g. within the framework of an ITI) of cross-border territories. In this way, new Cohesion Policy makes impossible to develop the instrument of the EGTC toward a new form of governance.

Gyula Ocskay
gyula.ocskay [at]

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