Recently ticket machines were installed in almost every metro station, stations of tram 4 and 6 and major junctions. The machines are a comfortable and reliable option where you can buy not only single tickets, but the passes  as well. In all metro stations there are ticket offices where you can buy tickets, but you might face some linguistic difficulties. Single tickets are sold in some kiosks, newsstands.
Finally, it is possible to buy tickets on board, but only some of the buses. This is more expensive and you must give the exact amount to the driver! One ticket costs 350 Forints, if you buy it on board: 450
Important: at the airport there is a counter of BKK, where you can purchase all kind of tickets and passes. Once you left the terminal, there is only one ticket machine available at the bus stop of bus 200, so you might end up lining in front of it.

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